Wednesday Wellness Tips

Work-life balance is an important aspect of a healthy work environment.

Maintaining work-life balance helps reduce stress and helps prevent burnout in the workplace.

Here are 10 tips to help you maintain a work-life balance in your own life 🧘‍♀️:

1. Play to your personal strengths.

2. Prioritize your time.

3. Always plan some personal time.

4. Have set work hours where ever possible.

5. Make exercise a “must”, not a “should”.

6. Do what you love.

7. Know and nurture your network.

8. Tap into technology (Zoom meeting instead of a physical meeting or Bluetooth so you can network while you get in your daily walk).

9. Know your most productive time of the day.

10. Take a break/have that holiday – learn to shut down completely when the time comes!