We Have Buyers!

Ok Stouffville, we need your help – this is not a sales pitch!
Right now Lindsey & Vanessa have 5 different buyers looking for homes in the mature side of Stouffville. (Swipe for Map-Red area is *ideal* but green could work too though!)
Inventory levels are VERY low and our clients are qualified & ready to shop but there’s hardly anything to see!
Basic Criteria:
$800k-1.1 million – price range varies between our buyers
2 car garage
3-4 bedroom
Minimum 2 full baths + powder room
Bonus points for quiet streets, private backyards

If you or someone you know lives in a home that meets any of the criteria please reach out to Lindsey & Vanessa by private message, call/text 416 454 9646 or email [email protected]

If you already have a realtor you can have them contact me, I swear I am not just looking for listings!