It’s our first Trendy Tips Tuesday post for 2020! This week is all about decluttering and making room for all the good things to come this year! Here are some tips on how you can make decluttering a reality!
1. Make a list of all the areas of your home to be decluttered, sorted from easiest to hardest. Start with the easiest area and work your way down the list.
2. Decide how much time you’re going to commit to decluttering and stick with it. It could be 15 minutes a day or 1 hour every Saturday.
3. Be realistic about how much time you can spend.
4. Set completion dates for each area to be decluttered, giving yourself plenty of time for each one.
5. Share your decluttering resolution with close friends or family, asking them to keep you accountable and give moral support.
6. When you have trouble deciding what to do with an item if it doesn’t have sentimental value and you haven’t used it in the last year, get rid of it.
7. Set up 4 boxes to put your unneeded clutter in and label them “Recycle,” “Donate,” “Sell,” and “Trash.”
8. Make sure everything you keep has a place to live in your home. If it doesn’t have a designated place, create one.
If the expiration date on any food, spices, medication, toiletries, etc has passed, dispose of them properly.