Trendy Tips Tuesdays

This week Trendy Tips Tuesday post gives us something to look forward to in 2020…… Travel Trends! Check out the latest article —> .

Carbon offsetting is on: Travelers will expect tour operators to help with carbon offsets ⁣

Microcations get big: Microcations, or shorter trips, are increasingly attractive. ⁣

Green hotels check-in:⁣
“People are specifically requesting ecolodges,” Studies show 70 percent of travellers would be more likely to book a property if they know it’s planet-friendly, but 72 percent are unaware that eco-certification exists for vacation stays. ⁣

Single-use plastics phase-out: reducing plastic consumption and bringing along reusable containers or materials ⁣

Giving back takes hold: “Sustaining and preserving sources for ecosystems is a trend that’s gaining steam” ⁣

Women-only trips shine: woman only trips=self explanatory and much needed. ⁣

Wellness vacations turn to nature: More and more properties are offering programs that are specifically designed to promote personal transformation and are more focused not just on the body and the mind but also on the mental and spiritual benefits of reconnecting with nature.”⁣