Staging Hack

Staging your property isn’t just for visual appeal, we also need to think about the senses! Smells and odours have the potential to turn a buyer off of your property within seconds of walking in the front door!

An honest stager or agent will to tell you if your property has an odour — be it pets, musty basement, garbage, or last nights fish dinner. Pulling out air fresheners isn’t the best ‘fix it’ option, as many have toxic VOC’s and 34% of adults report having a fragrance sensitivity.

If your home has an odour (even one that snuck up on you over night), simply put out a few small bowls of white vinegar! Vinegar eats away at odours and leaves behind a neutral scent that isn’t bothersome to those with sensitivities.

Try placing some vinegar close to garbages, in bathrooms, basements, mud rooms, laundry rooms and garages. (Just be sure to remove them before a showing).😉 – The #ttgstagingteam

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