Staging Hack

Preparing your property to sell can sometimes be an overwhelming process, especially if you have little ones at home. The good news is that it can be fun for everyone with some forward planning. Check out these quick tips to help living in a staged home with kids go as smooth as possible:

~ If your kids are old enough to understand, make keeping your home neat and tidy a family effort; make it a game – Go Team!
~ Have age-appropriate housekeeping tasks they can help out with and celebrate their achievement
~ Create a special place or ‘hiding spot’ that toys and books can be put when needing to tidy up in a hurry
~ Have a special backpack or bag ready to go that your child can put their most precious items in and take with them when you need to leave the house
~ Consolidate baby essentials in a basket or carrier that can easily be stowed or taken with you during showings
~ Consider this a great opportunity to sort through and purge toys and clothes that are not used anymore!

Our staging & design team loves working with young families and making the staging process as fun & stress-free as possible.

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