Staging Hack!

When staging your home to sell, as a pet owner, it can be hard to believe that potential buyers may not appreciate your beloved furry family member. Even buyers who have pets of their own can be funny about other peoples pets!

When staging, the goal is to take away as many distractions as we can, including any hint that pets live in the house. Here are some quick and easy tips to help make selling your house with pets a little easier:

🐾 Consolidate all pet belongings to one area of the house that can be quickly packed in the car for showings
🐾 Change litter regularly to keep odours at bay
🐾 Where possible, see if cages animals can stay with a relative, friend or neighbour while your home is listed.
🐾 Pack away large items (cat perches, crates, etc) and if needed, move to an inconspicuous place in the home, like a laundry room or basement
🐾 Vacuum daily (ifyou don’t already)

Pet? What pet? (We love our pets)..