Sold Over Asking – 16 Harrison Drive, Newmarket

Huge congratulations to our Sellers!
We had been talking about selling for a couple months and then things 📈exploded!

We met with this couple and interviewed and went through all the scenarios that we could encounter in this 🔥market.
After our interview on the way home lockdown was announced. We immediately checked in and precautions and a couple plans in place 🗒 we forged ahead.
Within 2 days we had our @angehattostaging staging team and @otbx_air photography booked and presented our vision! New precautions were in place for both and we are so happy with the results. ⚡️This market took new thinking and forms of presentation had to pivot again! ⚡️

With a solid listing price 💰and strict showing regulations ⏰ we went to market and were very well received. Offer night came and we have successfully Sold Firm and For Over Asking!

Thank you so much for your trust throughout this process. We appreciated your thoughtful questions and humour and we are looking forward to continuing the adventure!

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