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Sunscreen Tips With Sandra!
Sunscreen 101- We have some quick tips on using🧴products, that will keep you and your family protected from the sun ☀️this summer. 🕶🏖

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More TIPS –

The average adult needs about 2 or 3 tablespoons of sunscreen to cover their body and a teaspoon to cover their face and neck. This is about the size of a golf ball to cover your body every time.

Use sunscreen on any skin that clothing doesn’t cover
Put sunscreen on your ears, chin and neck even when you’re wearing a hat. Don’t forget your nose, any bald spots, the backs of your hands and the tops of your feet. Check to see how clothing moves when you move – and put sunscreen on the skin that gets exposed.

Use a lip balm with SPF and reapply when needed
Your lips need to be protected too. Be sure to put more on after eating or drinking.

If you’re not sure that the makeup or moisturizer protects you from both UVA and UVB rays or the packaging doesn’t include directions, you may want to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen along with it.