Saturday’s Staging Hack

It happens often: we’re about to get in line to pay for groceries and we remember ‘light bulbs!’. So we grab a pack of 4-60W LED energy savers. But when we get home, they don’t match!

As stagers, we see mis-matching LED bulbs quite often. While it may not be a huge deal to some for living, for selling, it can be a big distraction in your pictures. Our stager will often recommend that the light bulbs are changed so that they match and create the best light for the room.

Below is some useful info about LEDs and choosing the right ones:

~ LED energy savers are designed to use less watts (energy), so look at the lumens. The higher the lumens the more light the bulbs put out.

~ LEDs come in a range of ‘temperature’ from Warm to Daylight (or cool). This detail is important, so you buy the right one for your needs.

Warm light: gives off the warmest light and is great for lamps, chandeliers, bedrooms and softer spaces that need ambiance, like an office or library.

White light: great for overall lighting in ceiling, kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

Daylight or Cool light: good for task or accent lighting (a nook with a down light). Not recommended for overall room lighting as it can make a room feel cold.

Using a mix of temperatures can create a nice balance of light, however we would never recommend different temperatures in a single light fixture.

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