Saturdays Staging Hack

We see a lot of properties where the TV is the focal point and has been installed on the wall or fireplace mantle as such. This is the current trend, so we’re never surprised.

More often than not, clients are posed with the task of arranging furniture with the TV as the focal point, but this can be difficult to do and still maintain a cozy feel and good traffic flow.

Here are some suggestions from our in-house stager & stylist when it comes to arranging furniture in a room with a TV:

~ Ditch the idea of the TV being the focal point and think ‘conversation with people’. From there, make the TV fit into your layout.
~ Furniture does not have to line the walls, or be against them. If space permits, bring furniture out from the walls.
~ If a TV mount is on the wall when you’ve purchased the home, or you most definitely want your TV mounted on a wall, consider a smaller piece of furniture to go under it — like a love seat — which will make it easier to maintain the conversation layout of the room. Put media equipment in a smaller table with shelves, that can also be used as a side table.

Coming up with a great room layout can be tricky. Our in-house stager has 20+ years of interior decorating and design experience and is available in addition to the staging services we offer.

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