Saturday’s Staging Hack

A stagers job is not only to make a property look great for pictures, but they also ensure that any disrepair in a home is taken care of.

This is also true for odours.

We’re going to pick on cats today (sorry kitties). Even as a beloved family member, they can also be the culprit to one of the worst odours – and hardest to get rid of – in a property.

A stager and an honest real estate professional will tell you if your property has an odour, as this could affect the sale of your home. If you DO have an odour, here are some tips on how to reduce or eliminate the smell that our feline friends might be leaving behind:

– Ensure your cat is healthy and there isn’t an underlying issue that is causing them to not use the little box ❤️
– Soak up any accidents with a rag as quickly as possible
– Use baking soda and vinegar to clean the area
– Use hydrogen peroxide and a little dish soap to make a DIY odour eliminator, letting it dry for 24 hours (test an hidden area first for discolouration)
– Clean the area again with an enzyme cleaner and let it completely air dry before cleaning again with a mop or vacuum
– Repeat the enzyme treatment once a week if needed or until the smell is gone
– Do not use bleach or products with ammonia as this can produce harmful gases

While these tips can be helpful, we recommend consulting your vet for help in eliminating this type of pet odour, especially a problem that has been around for a long time.

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