Saturday’s Staging Hack

Decluttering: one of the most important parts of prepping your home for selling.

Why is that? We get asked that question quite often: is it actually necessary. The answer: yes, it is absolutely necessary and here are a couple reasons why:

#1. It can be overwhelming to walk into a new property for the first time; there’s lots to take in. Decluttering helps to make the mental intake of the space easier for the potential buyers.

#2. Photos are your best friend — they are the tool that gets potential buyers to want to see more of your property. But if your pictures are busy with ‘stuff’, chances are, not many buyers are going to be drawn to want to see your property in person.

#3. Stuff. Unless you’re having an estate sale, your personal belongings and decor are not going to be sold with the house, so not everything needs to be on display. Pack it away and show off the PROPERTY’S features, not your collections!

Our Staging Team can help make the decluttering process easy for you! Give us a call and let us help you make selling your home a great experience.

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