Saturday’s Staging Hack

We’re going to share with you a big staging secret that entails the dining room…

In order to highlight a large, spacious dining area, many are inclined to fill it with a big table. When we stage, we usually always request that table leaves are removed and a maximum of six chairs remain.

Secondly, did you know that tuning the whole table so it is on an angle, can make the room still seem larger, but also aid in easy traffic flow through the room! (It also makes great photos for selling).

And third, if you have a smaller dining room but a very large China hutch, removing the hutch portion can open up the space drastically. We then use the cupboard portion to place accessories and ambience lighting to make the space ‘WOW’.

Or team gives the best recommendations to help you prepare your home to sell, highlighting the features of each home perfectly.

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