Saturday’s Staging hack

Preparing your home to sell can be a big task. Often, there can be a slew of details to get under wraps in order to have your property FULLY ready for buyers eyes.

We’re on a bit of a cleaning streak, so let’s talk about those high-traffic, high touch areas of your home: door frames, handles and surrounding areas, banisters, stairways and hallways, to name a few. These areas are especially important to consider if you have a lot of people in the home, or kids (big or small)!

Washing down dirty walls, moulding and doors with warm water and mild soap, or whatever cleaning method you prefer, will show a clean and well maintained home. Remember: the more you put into your property, the more you’ll get in return!

Our staging team provides each client a room-by-room, item-by-item list to make the pre-work as easy for you as possible.

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