Saturday’s Staging Hack

After we’ve staged a property, the clients reaction is usually ‘oh my gosh, I love it!’. And for the most part, all we’ve done is added a few more pillows, a throw blanket and some accessories.

KEYWORD: accessories.

Accessories make furniture look and feel great and complete a room. But not many people have accessories. This could be because some people don’t like extra ‘stuff’, but also it can be an overwhelming process to choose the right pieces.

Here are a few tips and guides for creating some beautiful vignettes around the home:

– Start with a base. This can be a tray, low basket or a book.
– Consider the rule of 3: something green, something reflective, something with an interesting shape.
– Remember to vary your heights: tall, medium, large.
– Choose things you love: a favourite animal, a favourite colour, something that catches your eye in the store.
– Try to use odd numbers

From there, you can arrange almost anything!

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