Pre-Construction Investors Team!

Meet your @preconstructioninvestors team!

We are a team of 3 realtors within the award winning and work along side @the_real_basiiil . With our knowledge and experience and the connections of our teams, we are able to gain VIP access to the hottest preconstruction projects and incentives you won’t find anywhere else. We are the perfect team to find you your next investment and get you top dollar for it.

Jennifer has a true passion for all things real estate! With over 12 years in the industry she’s armed with a breadth of knowledge + multitude levels of experience. (Not to mention a solid love of delicious food + a slight obsession with travel.) Preconstruction condos in our beautifully progressive city of Toronto and ever expanding GTA are totally her investment jam right now. Why? Primarily because of their deferred deposit payment structures, and opportunity to assign (sell) fairly easily over such a relatively short period of time! Thus offering returns greater than most bank products ever could.

Kelly has a serious love of homes, be it buying, selling, designing or investing! With a background in the arts and a business education, she loves working in such a diverse and fast paced industry. Working with investment properties and preconstruction in particular is such a satisfying part of the job. Helping you build wealth through your real estate portfolio and working to make wise investments is everything that she is here for!

Sandra has worked in the real estate industry for the past couple years and got licensed last year. She has found a love for homes, design and everything about real estate. She is eager to help her clients buy, sell and invest! With her background in business management, she has extensive knowledge in guiding her clients to make the right investment choices. There is no better investment than preconstruction real estate in the GTA. She, alongside her team is here to guide you every step of the way!