Local Hero Contest Nominees

Sharing the stories of our amazing nominees from the final week of our contest. Thank you to everyone who have submitted stories of their LOCAL HEREOS. We have loved reading through them all – what an amazing community we live in

You have until 12 noon tomorrow to help us vote on the winner from these nominees. The TTG team has casted their votes and we want your input as well!

Just Comment Below ⤵️ We have 2 awesome people this week! Swipe for all entries ➡️

We love to encourage our community.
We are looking to recognize & celebrate our Local Heroes.
There will be prizes for both the Nominator and the Nominee.

*Contest runs from February 14 – March 14, 2021
*Both you and your Hero must be local to Stouffville, Ontario
*The Nominators of the winning Heroes will be entered into a draw for a 1-in-4 chance of winning an Apple iPad
*Each week 1 Hero will be chosen by the Trentadue Torres Group Team & community to receive a $100 Gift Card for a local restaurant:
Week #1 – Fishbone Bistro
Week #2 – Tulsi Food Experience
Week #3 – Boston Pizza Stouffville
Week #4 – St Louis Bar & Grill Stouffville