Client Testimonial

We cannot recommend Lisa Paton highly enough! Lisa helped us find our ‘forever home’ and navigate through this real estate purchase as well as the sale of our current home. It is incredible how little time is really spent making the largest purchase in ones life as a result of not only the pressures to make decisions in a timely manner but also the need to make offers with little to no conditions in order to secure an acceptance on an offer. After working with Lisa To secure the purchase of our forever home we now understand how important it is to have the proper real estate agent representing you and looking out for your best interests. Throughout the sale of our current home Lisa was patient, highly knowledgeable about the current market, the ins-and-outs of buying/selling homes, and was incredibly flexible and accommodating. When finding our forever home Lisa was patient with our ever changing minds about what we were looking for, how much we wanted to spend, and offers we thought we wanted to make (sorry Lisa!!). Throughout both the sale of our current home as well as the purchase of our forever home Lisa was always generous in giving detailed feedback, helping set realistic expectations throughout the process, and basically guided us through every step of the way. We are tremendously grateful for her guidance. Lisa was professional and responded quickly whether by email or text. Also important to us was the fact that she put absolutely no pressure on us and provided information in an even-handed, non-judgmental manner, and was unfazed by several course-changes along the way. Bottom line – We can’t imagine having a more positive experience and recommend Lisa without reservation to anyone looking to buy or sell (hopefully both!) in this stressful market. Thanks Lisa!!!!

Another amazing testimonial from our clients. Thank you and congratulations! 🙏🎉