Bought – 68 Stuart Street, Stouffville 

I’m so happy with this purchase for some very special clients! It’s been a long journey!

We sold their house (over asking) back in February. At the time the inventory levels were low so it was a seller’s market and a great time to sell!

Then we started our search but inventory was still low and their dream home was nowhere to be found. We had ensured to get a long closing date on the sale because we knew our search might take a while. We always see a big increase in inventory in the Spring so we had plenty of time.

Then along came COVID-19 and our search became a little more difficult. We now knew we wouldn’t be seeing that usual increase in inventory levels in March, April & May.

So we had to adjust our approach. We found a great short term rental which then gave my buyers lots of breathing room to find the exact right home for their family. It also gave us the added benefit of flexibility for closing dates.

My buyers knew what we were looking for and so I did targeted letters to drop in neighbourhoods, put the word out to local agents and did a whole bunch of social media posts.

@pescadorrealestate to the rescue! Alana sent me a dm saying she had some clients who were thinking of selling (but were in no rush) and had a home that seemed perfect for my buyers!

And now here we are: my buyers have finally found & bought their dream home and Alana’s sellers got to sell their home without having to actually put it up on MLS!

68 Stuart Street in Stouffville

(Actually this is the second deal we have done this way on Stuart Street, the other one we did the matchmaking within our own team & )