Bought – 206-55 Onedia Cres, Richmond Hill

So very happy for these longtime clients and looking forward to their next chapter!

This was a beautiful Richmond Hill condo 2+1 bedrooms and we were in multiple offers, we went in with a clear strategy and a clear head! Then we won! Thank you for the teamwork @pal9mer !

If you want to get in before the condo market explodes again reach out to Adele 🙋🏻‍♀️ and Bridget 💁‍♀️and we can help you achieve all your real estate goals!

For more info or to book your safe and private consultation contact :⁣⁣
Adele and Bridget⁣⁣
📧[email protected]⁣⁣
📧[email protected]⁣⁣